About Us

About Lizzy Treats

Lizzy Treats was founded with the sole purpose of creating healthy, high quality, all American dog treats that also taste great. Our treats are made in the United States with only the highest grade american produced human consumables and contain no by-products, preservatives or any other unnatural ingredients.

Brief History

The owner and creator of Lizzy Treats has been designing her own dog treats for over 20 years. Her unique recipes have evolved over the years as more was being understood about the growing number of canine food allergies. Lizzy Treats Inc. was established to address the increasing needs of pet owners for a healthy and nutritious treat that's as uniquely different as their pets are.

Reaction to the treats has been outstanding! Public Market studies in Maryland and South Carolina showed that Lizzy Treats were appealing to consumers, as well as their pets, and had high potential for retail sale. After receiving requests for our treats to be available for retail sale in local pet supply storefronts in Maryland, South Carolina, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and California we were prompted to begin the process of getting to market and Lizzy Treats Inc. was born.

About Our Treats

All of our dog treats are uniquely processed to remove 99% of all water content in order to create a compact treat that's not only nutritious, but also filling. If stored in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, our treats last six months to a year. Your puppy will love the added crunch while you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have a treat that's nutritious and will last. Below is a brief overview of the different lines of treats we currently offer.

Cookies - Our Gourmet Peanut Butter Cookie treats are all about the peanut butter! The organic peanut butter and oatmeal combine to make a dense, hearty treat that’s still easy on your dog’s diet.

Doodles - Our Doodle dog treat line is gluten free and combines sweet potato, carrots, organic rice, and corn flour with the robust flavors of beef, chicken, or turkey to form an all natural, healthy, and gluten free treat that’s both nutritious and tastes great.

Nuggets - Our Nuggets are made for a big meat taste. With only organic white rice and flour added, there's nothing standing in the way of the big bold taste of beef, chicken, or turkey.

Snaps - Our Snaps treat line were developed as a gluten free alternative to our Nuggets. They contain the same big meat taste without the wheat.

Veggie - Our Gourmet Veggie Treats combine all the nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes, carrots, and oats to create a healthy, all natural, and low fat dog treat that are available in beef, chicken and turkey flavors.

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